Turn-key Solutions

Refraco views the future through innovation and finding new ways of solving old problems. Being a designer and a manufacturer, Refraco’s engineering staff has a unique appreciation of the potential—and limitations—of refractory materials and structures. Being up-to-date on new state-of-the-art refractory materials, and seeing the possibilities that they present, Refraco has solved some long standing problems of clients by successfully introducing modern refractory products into new applications.

At times, there appears to be a tendency for outside-in designs, with refractory considerations taking a back seat to the steel structure. Trying to fit insulation and refractory materials into an already-established shell has produced some ineffective and inefficient structures. Refraco designs refractory structures from the inside-out, basing the refractory design on operational requirements and the steel design on the refractory design. With many new ideas and a current knowledge of refractory capabilities, Refraco’s engineering department can offer the greatest benefit by being involved early in any projects requiring refractory designs.

Refraco’s Design Methodology

  • Defining the Design Parameters
  • Preliminary Design Study
  • Detailed Design
  • Fabrication
  • The Result