Refraco designs and fabricates the following components for foundries:

Induction Furnaces

  • Furnace Head Blocks
  • Spouts
  • Induction Furnace Covers
  • Induction Furnace Bottoms/Plugs

Grey Iron Ladles

Traditionally, grey iron ladles are lined with a rammed refractory plastic or cast-in-place refractory concrete. The problem with these traditional linings is that it is difficult to fire them properly and they therefore lack homogeneous properties.

Refraco fabricates pre-cast spouts and entire liner tiles for the ladles. The combination of the material selection, and the fact that these parts are pre-fired, results in a liner with higher mechanical, thermal shock, and wear resistances than traditional linings. Our parts last longer than traditional linings.

Emergency Dumping Bin

In the case of a loss of control on the induction furnace, the molten cast iron must be dumped rapidly. Emergency bins are lined with refractory to receive the molten cast iron so-dumped. Refraco designs pre-cast liners for these bins that better withstand these extreme operating conditions.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are applied to all zones that are capable of receiving thermal and mechanical shocks. Whether it’s under crucibles, drainage pans, or in front of a furnace, these tiles are fabricated using a material that is extremely resistant to wear and thermal shocks.

For more information about Refraco's products, get access to our specification sheets from the Member Zone.